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AMITOLA, the provider of Streaming Revolution, was started as a partnership between Ohio Drone, a drone manufacturing company, and Rawhide Intel Services, a SaaS asset management company. The secure live-streaming service was originally developed for the drone industry but it quickly became apparent that the technology would be adoptable into a wide variety of markets beyond the drone industry.

As a T-Mobile for Business Partner [read more about the original partnership here], supported by hardware solutions from Hyperion Partners, the Streaming Revolution platform will feature the highest upload speeds available on America’s largest 5G network.


Sinclair College UAS Program Manager for Commercialization and Technology Transfer, Seth Schwartz, Says:

“Streaming Revolution will be an important tool for first responders to support their drone fleet; and represents a substantial upgrade for first responders no longer being required to use hot spots and free public video servers [Streaming Revolution w/ T-Mobile] will increase security for the betterment of our communities as a natural next evolution for drone space.”

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